Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Dr. visit update:

+My diabeetus (a la Wilfred Brimley) is being persnickety. My fasting blood sugar was 519. This should be between 120-150. His immediate suggestion was to admit me but we finally agreed to just up my meds. My guess was that b/c I having a 44 oz Coke on Sunday didn't help matters. Plus if it's been running that high without eating I can only imagine what it's been with food. So this explains my sour mood and sleepiness as of late.

+He had solutins for neck/throat issue only than stress. I'm not stressed. But I am pretty sure something is growing in my throat. He told me to take Aleve and be sure to just stretch my neck through-out the day. I the addition of Wild Turkey would help as well.

Also. Am I the only person this concerns? This happened in Ninevah, In.
A 15 year old girl not only has sex with a 19 year old and apparently has oral sex with a 14 year old boy at the same party. The last part was taped and at the very least is available all over her school (as is she evidently) and possibly on the internets. She's stated all this was, minus the video, consensual. The 19 year old male was charged with sexual misconduct. Sexual misconduct that was CONSENSUAL.

Two things concern me: The fact this 19 year old now has a felony charge for consensual sex and that the media/her parents are making this girl a victim. Plus one of my friends (female and a mother of 3) actually said well she is expressing her sexuality. Express away little girl but there are big consequences to things like this.

This also got Andy and I into discussion about how we would deal with our kids having sex. It happens and has happened for ages. There is nothing abnormal about sex. However, just b/c your body can handle sex does not mean your mind can. Or that you're able to get the consquences. Teenagers are very much convinced nothing bad will happen to them. I don't think people know anything when they're teenagers.

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