Thursday, March 26, 2009

One of the other teacher's and I were discussing the horrendous names people give their children.

She has the best by far. She has had students named:
ABCDE (pronounced AbSidEah)

La-A (pronounced La DASH Ah) The DASH is not silent.

Plus she has a niece named Dale-Nella. Apparently the mother of this child combined her name and the father's name. This dash is silent.

Someone brought in a cake made out of the Little Debbie Swiss Cake Rolls. Are you kidding me?

Lilly and I (the dog) are the only ones in the office today. Only 10 more hours.


  1. Horrendous! WOW people really have names that bad, poor kids. I though Bethanie was annoying because people are illiterate and couldn't pronounce it here in Quebec (french province of Canada), even when I lived in London it was bad..

    Have u hear of that celeb guy who named his kid Pilot Inspektor? Bullies anyone?

    Hey, just stopped by to check out ur blog, mine is - its mainly about writing, art, tattoo's and the occasional craftnessisms.

    Rock on!

  2. I love messed up names. The dash one takes the cake though, that's truly mental. My aunt went to school with a girl named Crystal Shanda Lier, which I thought was pretty amazing! I used to want to name a baby Jetta when I was little, haha. Stupid Coralene. Ah! Did you love Ramona books? I did, so much (in fact, my daughter Madeline's middle name is Ramona because of her!). Anyways, I just remembered that she thought Chevrolet was the most beautiful name she'd ever heard, which is pretty adorable!

  3. I had a kid last year named Klassy. Yeah. Complete opposite. Every time a kid comes in my office I get more and more terrified of spelling. I had a Kim the other day and was so grateful.