Monday, March 16, 2009

One of the second-graders came to the office today and was upset no one would sit with her on the bus.

My response to this was to ask her if she knew what a limosine was and how all the famous stars get to sit in the back by themselves and be extremely fancy and posh. And she's like well yeah I guess. So I told her to just think of the bus like that. She gets her own seat and all the privacy she wants. She won't be squished or bothered by other kids. And I swear to Maude she says well I'd like that but no one will try taking my picture will they??

I almost choked laughing. All I need is mini-LiLo on my hands.

Then tonight in swimming. Several things:

+Our instructions had us using the exercise balls to work on our thighs. A bit after we were done she decides to do more work with them by shouting to the class "GRAB YOUR BALLS!!!"

+The woman I am standing by is trying to arrange her ball to sit on it. She looks over at me and says Don't be surprised if I shoot this out at you. Before I thought to filter my brain I said That's Ok. I had a date that said that once.

+Later we are doing laps in the deep end. Same woman from above is in the lane by me using a water noodle. She says Watch out or I might poke you with my noodle. I reply That was another date all together.

Given more time I might have suggested we all hide in a treehouse and look up dirty words in the dictionary. Grow up, Jennifer.

I want this phone:

Sadly there won't be any carriers for it any time soon in the states. It's so pretty and shiny. I am prone to tech gadget lust but this is true love.

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