Thursday, April 16, 2009

Bizarre Dream Triangle

I had a dream last night that involved a very odd variety of things.

I was at Target (<3) shopping for a green shirt for a guy I knew in the dream. While I was there this kid, who I thought was my age but turned out to be 15, kept following me around. He also wanted to know who the guy I was buying the shirt for was. The shirt was a big deal b/c it was supposed to be for St. Patrick's Day. So this kid will not stop talking and asking me questions.

Finally I find a shirt and check out. The kid is still with me. As we are walking out of Target there is a petting zoo. They have a ton of snakes, koala bears and a 6 foot sloth working out on a Bow Flex.

I think the little boy part I understand. I was watching Frazier last night (oh Kelsey Grammar I <3 you) and his son Frederick was getting ready for his Bar Mitzvah.

The guy I was buying the shirt for, St. Patrick's Day and the animals, especially the 6 foot sloth working out on the Bow Flex, I have no idea.

Whatever it was I overslept and didn't get to work until 830.

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