Sunday, April 26, 2009

Today the weather is AMAZING. It's weird that I only have 4 weeks of school left. I can tell, though, b/c the kids are getting crazy and our schedules are hectic with field trips and preparing for 8th grade graduation.

I stayed up until almost 4 this morning watching television. TLC had a 48 Hours Investigates marathon and some other channel had a CSI marathon going. Normally I would not watch CSI. However, what I realized is I don't have any new True Crime books and the ones I read as back-up are in the storage locker. Thus my True Crime mystery of why I have been watching too much television has been solved.

In the midst of all my television watching I caught a car commercial with someone listening to GO by Tones On Tail. Sigh. I feel incredibly old and annoyed by this. That song brings back a lot of memories.

Last night I was outside smoking and caught my shoe on a piece of board. It broke and I fell through. I screamed more out of surprise than anything. Andy came out the backdoor and was all what are you yelling about before he saw I had fell through the patio and had one leg caught in a hole. Classy Jennifer.

He has no business yelling at me for being ridiculous over something, though. The other night some how the door to our bedroom locked. I sent him around to climb in the window. He came back in the house going on about a hornets nest in the window. I get a broom and put on and rubber kitchen gloves and am prepared to do my worst with these hornets. I do find the hornet's "nest" but it's like the size of a grape!
I knocked it down with the broom and Andy is convinced they are still alive. I promptly jump up and down on it and assume a Xena like pose with my broom and rubber kitchen gloves. Later I asked him if all Indian men were scared of hornets or just him. He called me an evil Jew and told me to "bunk off"...what does that even mean??


  1. I know this is so totally random. But what is Indianna like? I assume you live there via your profile and im still not set on a destination for my great runaway - so whats it like?

    Small town vibe?

  2. Indiana is kind of a mix. There is a lot of farming all over the state so any urbanization sort of blends into cornfields. I guess it's a matter of what you prefer. What's good about Indianapolis, where I live, is that it's right in the middle of the state. Any direction you go can lead you to other fun cities like Chicago to the north or Memphis to the south. I think Indiana is good for various road trips.

  3. Thats prewtty nifty. Whats the weather like? I know, im a little bugger to ask!

  4. The saying goes..."Don't like the weather in Indiana?...wait a few minutes!" From October to about May anything goes. Summer is usually pretty hot and humid. For my taste at any rate.