Friday, May 15, 2009

+I love hipster 8th graders.

+My problem child is not coming to school today.

+Since today is "Field Day" I won't see any kids for regular appointments. I mean I'd be kind of a bitch to make them miss fun stuff outside.

+Andy jumped into bed last night and yelled "Acknowledge my genitals!!"

+Even with the lure of Klondike bars I did not.

+I recently watched Perfume:Story of a Murderer and The Reader.

I read Perfume ages ago and I am smitten with the movie now.

The Reader was amazing. I mean I've had a pretend BFF relationship with Kate Winslet, after I forgave her for Titanic, for years but this blew my mind. I am on a mission to find the book now. I keep thinking about it and trying to talk to people about it. I think I get a bit hyper about stuff no one in the world cares about.

+I've been super depressed thinking about how much my relationships with my girlfriends have changed. Not drastically but enough to make me want to curl up and not get my overly-sensitive feelings hurt. If lives didn't change that would be horrible and bland. I wish we could discuss the changes before hand though.

+I've had an addiction to cheeseball and crackers lately.

+Lately I've been reading from start to finish journal entries from people I am friends with. Like from before I was friends with them. Andy said it would be creepy to comment on a LJ entry from 9 years ago. I've had a lot of Oh! Me too! moments. This is good and bad. I mean I feel pretty isolated lately so reading them has been a cool "interaction." But it makes me miss those days of when there was less to worry about and more to be self-obsessed with.

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