Wednesday, May 6, 2009

In the words of my beloved Paul Weller:

When times get too rough and things get you down
When life gets too tough just take a look around

You're trying so hard to make your life right
They'll knock back down - but you won't be there for life

You've got to keep on movin', got to keep on movin' on...


So having Andy's grandma move in with us has been different. It has prompted much fixing up of the house. Which while not in bad shape various things do need fixed. Deinately the patio.

I also thought the stress of this would cause Andy and I to fight. If anything we've gotten along better. Weird. United against a common enemy, who shall remain nameless, I suppose. Or it could be that since the Antique Road Show invaded my house I've mostly hidden out in our bedroom. Sigh.

I am feeling slightly in a funk as of late. Like getting out of bed in the morning feels horrible. Probably just the end of the school year, worrying about Andy graduating and worrying about money over the summer. The weather has not been to my liking either. While I love rain and clouds I cannot actually function with weather like that.

Plus I have a horrible cold. Two of the schools in the district I work in have reported cases of Swine Flu. Those two schools were closed for a week. While I am sure I just have a standard cold having a week off would be nice. Curled up with a dog, a book and tea. Or a mimosa. Whatever.

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