Thursday, May 21, 2009

Okay dear Libra – how many times must you continue feeling you are in the midst of a battle that cannot be won. Instance is this: That procedure would be frustrating if it weren't for the truth … keep in mind that you can manage just fine alone – you really do not need the assistance
Something so obvious was never written.

So is it Merc RX or what?????

+The bitchy school nurse ripped me a new asshole.

+We had two field trips get screwed up b/c of bus issues.

+One parent threatened physical violence to a teacher.

+And then someone robs the maude-damn McDonalds on Keystone( right down the street from my school) so the we had to lock the school down.

Book and bed I hear you calling.....

However, I must say this is better than my home-life currently.

I still haven't found a job to cover the summer. I did apply with a nanny agency. What was weird though on the application they asked for height and weight.

That annoys me for some reason. I was tempted to write I look like the big red-headed monster from Bugs Bunny. *rolls eyes*

Oh! I may get to take a class from Tempest next month. I will die a happy bellydancer.

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