Monday, June 29, 2009

I've decided I am going to start exercising in the a.m. over evening. Friday and today I went and "water-walked" for 1.5 hours. I felt amazing. When I do it in the evening I feel like complete ass after class. The only bad thing is with just running is I don't have a partner like in class. This makes me watch the clock too much. Friday I walked with Katie but that is her only day off and I can't just go one day a week.

Heather finally made it back from San Francisco. This was after missing her transfer in Colorado and almost missing the stand-by flight b/c they kept changing gates for it. She was supposed to be in at 240 yesterday. Made it by almost 7. Needless to say she was fussy, grumpy and ready to be in her own apartment. She had a lot of fun with the Queer Crew and even got to see:


Also to encourage my taco salad fixation the Hubs made me this...

We used Veggie Crumbles for the meat. Which as gross as it sounds isn't bad. Of course I dumped a ton of hot sauce and peppers on mine. Yum!

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