Thursday, June 25, 2009

These are my new gypsy pants and hip scarf. Note the fancy bells! The scarf can be used anywhere. It's really pretty as a wrap-around. I was actually going to use that material as a skirt but it's thin and itchy. I have some left which has no use so far.

Andy's Alzheimer-ridden grandma kept asking me what I was sewing to which I would reply "it's a hip scarf!" and she would respond "that's a lot of material for a head scarf!" "No no...a HIP SCARF!" then she would say "Well it's still a lot of material!"...of course my smart mouth replies "I have a lot of hips!" She's lucky she didn't agree to that. Otherwise I would hold her Metamucil for ransom and hide all her freaking washcloths that she leaves all over my bathroom.

I found great fabric at Hancock's yesterday for $8.95 a yard...formerly $12.95. I didn't add right and ended up spending $45 on it. Sigh.


  1. I know, I know. Geriatrics leave me begging for freedom and fiber. My grandmothers so nagging and uptight, as you would expect from the English. Hey, maybe that's what makes it so fuckin' unbearable!

    Love the gypsy scarf, if only those hipsters were hippies. *sigh

  2. Thanks!

    Does your Grand live with you too? Honestly, and not that one is better than the other, I would prefer nagging and being up tight over constant confusion and rigidity to routine. But at least we know she is safe and not being abused in a nursing home.