Sunday, July 5, 2009

A)what would your motive most likely be if you were to murder someone?
Hurting someone I love. I tend to be like a mama bear when people fuck with my friends/family.

B) what postmortem public figure would you most like to have to dinner, sans decomposition?
I have a bunch: Sylvia Plath, Elizabeth Bathory, Oscar Wilde, Anna O., Charlotte Perkins-Gilman,Sharon Tate, Mama Cass (this is a VERY short list)

C) What place would you flee to in a war?
The farm my grandparents owned during my childhood

D) Have you ever masterminded a trick on a person?
Being in healthcare I have a pretty sick sense of humor...

My friend's BF was complaining of a rash to his stomach. He went to the doc to get it checked out. They ran tests, including one for syphilis (which manifests on the skin of feet and hands). A few days later the doc's office called to say he was was just contact dermititis. So she and I decided to call him and pretend I was from the office. I left him a VM saying we had the wrong patient results when he was last called....implying that he could possibly have syphilis based on the pattern of the rash on his stomach. Needless to say he freaked out but finally caught on to what she and were up to...but for a day or so he believed it.

When I worked in a hospital I had a patient that died and was prepping her to be sent to the morgue. I hadn't told the other nurse the woman was dead. I then went out and told the nurse Mrs. So-So had a weird blood pressure reading and could she check her. But I had sort situated the woman like she was sitting up waiting for her BP to be taken. Once the other nurse went in and started putting the BP cuff on her she flipped out and shouted No wonder you couldn't get a fucking blood pressure!

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