Thursday, July 2, 2009

Srsly frustrated. I hate worrying about work, money and Andy's family. I loathe not working even though this should be my "vacation." I enjoy the free time for a few days and then up being spazzy and bitchy b/c I feel like I have no purpose.

My "vacation" has turned into me pacing around the house, constantly checking my phone and email to see if I have any news from IU, cleaning the house and screaming when stuff is messed up. Maybe something is wrong with me that I feel more of a need to "wanted" in my career than I do by people.

It could also be that I was up all night playing video games b/c I couldn't sleep b/c I can't stop worrying. This will be my third day of just being in a bad, bad, bad funk. For the past 2 days I've hidden in bed with my phone, laptop and IPOD. I'm sure this isn't healthy. Even listening to Neil Gaiman read StarDust has not made me feel better.

Obsess much Jennifer?

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