Sunday, July 19, 2009

This what is not FUN...

Sitting outside, inducing oneself with cancer only to be stung 4 (FOUR) times by a maude-damn bee. he got caught in the leg of my pants and decided to stay.

the little bastard started at my ankle and, apparently lured by my cankles, moved up to the inside of my thigh where he got me 2 more times. at this point i figured out what was biting my damn leg and pulled off my pants (on the PATIO) to shake him out. all the while yelling at andy to help me.

he, of course, was screaming at something in the kitchen and did not hear me.

at this point i'm down to my underpants and i finally find the bee IN THEM!!!!!!!

i made the bad decision to grab him and am stung yet again by this fucker.

so yes dear readers. i did it. right there on the patio i yanked off my underpants to get this stupid bee OUT OF THEM.

to prove what a bad ass i am...after he was out i stomped him to death with my bare-foot. he wasn't so cocky then!

i then put my underpants back on and had another cigarette.


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  1. Thats some hard-core shit right there! You totally spat in mother natures face for being a bitch! Kudos to you!