Sunday, August 23, 2009


I didnt go swimming at all last week. My mood is not happy. Monday looms. I wish I had a mermaid friend during times like this.

Zeke has a sore paw. He's less concerned about this than I am. Seriously. How many lives does this cat have? He's been dosed with triple ATB ointment and given some ham.

Saturday night the MIL and I had a productive talk...for awhile with Andrew...for awhile without. This all played out very Slumber Party Style. She seems to get that my interaction with her lately is based on my poor coping mechanisms...not that I am "judging" her. I explained to her she likes to garden to get rid of stress and I like 3 things to relieve stress: Cutting, eating and cleaning. I haven't cut in four months, I am trying to not eat junk food so that leaves cleaning.

I also cut off all of my hair on Friday. I like it but it's a bit DeGrassi Junior High Punk.

Much movie watching this weekend. (Heather! I still have Fried Green Tomatoes!)


Much <3ed.

Next was:

This was a gem. I feel like GB would appreciate this one.

And last, not to mention the most painful:

I'm sure Jane Austen is having a heart attack somewhere. All I can say is Cobra Dance.

This one was from the FIL. He tries. He's very much gotten into Bollywood and Middle Eastern music in general since I moved in. He was busting a groove to Sexy Boy by Hard Kaur earlier today. My little Hispanic FIL loves his bhangra.

Given this...I was thinking about how in nrsing homes (dont growl and hiss DJennma) they do those ridiculous wheelchair aerobics. Wouldn't it be awesome if we did wheelchair bellydance instead with these people?

My friend Alison and I used to work a psych unit of a nrsing home, which I know is probably redundant, but they loved when we would play Oingo Boingo and dance with them. I mean granted the director was a bit taken a back...but it got results! So I feel like add some zills in there and who knows what would happen.

I feel like giving people hugs. Which is odd for me. Srsly. And I am not drinking.

Have a good week all.

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