Friday, October 2, 2009

My new office smells like aqua velva.

I am weepy and moody this morning. This began at Target last night. I was digging around in the purses. A woman struck up a conversation with me about buying purses, having too many etc. She started telling me how she'd bought this purse for her daughter, blah blah. This instantly made me miss my mom. I know everyone is like get a's been almost 3 years. Even though that woman drove me crazy I miss doing mom and daughter crap with her.

I did find some fun stuff at Target, though. Two scarves, a purse, and a wallet. I also bought 4 bags of edamame and Halloween Kleenex that had spooky cats on the boxes.

I keep listening to old French pop in hopes this day will speed by. So far no luck. I am strictly budgeting my purchases at the Craft Exchange tonight. Yeah.

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