Friday, December 4, 2009

+Secretary (i want my e. edward gray... sigh)
+The Doom Generation (my perfect first date)
+Nowhere (just watch it!)
+The Virgin Suicides (obviously doctor you've never been a thirteen year old girl)
+Donnie Darko (sometimes i like to pretend i'm dead and don't know...that's my explanation for being so confused...and of course jake gyllenhaal)
+Monkey Bone (comic book lust)
+Totally Fucked Up (gregg araki is a genius)
+Dancer In The Dark (it's important to watch a movie and feel like slitting your wrists afterward...screw you Lars von Trier)
+Stealing Home (touch the drain...i want someone to get what that really means)
+Rushmore (oh max fischer if i were 15 again...)
+Ghostworld (misfits and feeling lost...enough said)
+Fight Club (i consider myself the fluffier marla this cancer?)
+Brain Candy (kith...that's enough.)
+The Ice Storm (again, another movie to watch and slit your wrists to...and tobey maguire)
+Wonderboys (one of the best book to movie translations...michael chabon & tobey maguire)
+Fargo (high creepiness factor)
+Night Of The Living Dead (they're coming to get you barbara...original and best zombie movie.)
+Basketball Diaries (Jim Carroll...)
+What's Eating Gilbert Grape (i fell in love with gilbert...i wanted to beat arnie's ass tho...retarded or not.)
+Say Anything (this movie f'ed up a lot of girls and their expectations of guys..."in your eyes" makes me weepy)
+Return Of The Living Dead (if you loved me you'd let me eat your brains)
+Silence Of The Lambs (another good book to movie translation)
+The Cat Returns (good animation...confirmed my lifestyle as a crazy cat lady)
+Howl's Moving Castle (a girl with a mission prevails)
+Labyrinth (introduced me to david bowie)
+Neverending Story (i hold onto this to hold onto my childhood)
+Matilda (freakishly smart misunderstood girl...who knew?)
+Bound (jennifer tilly AND kinky lesbo sex? meow)
+The Dark Crystal (another childhood memory)
+200 Cigarettes (martha plimpton's obsession with elvis costello!)
+Trainspotting (marry me irvine welsh!)
+In My Skin (woman turns cannibal and eats her own body)
+Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind (i wish this procedure were real)
+James And The Giant Peach (i wish the spider were real...she was hot.)
+Willy Wonka And The Chocolate Factory (1971) (good guy gets what he deserves!)
+The Witches (i think the witches actually represent people with no sense of humor/creativity.)
+Bridge To Terabithia (PBS 1985) (kids create bizarre imaginary
land to make life more interesting.)
+American Beauty (i haven't decided yet why i like this movie...maybe it's thora birch's boobs.)
+American Psycho (christian bale naked with a chainsaw? swoon)
+The Good Girl (do what's right or what's exciting? i'm stuck in this constantly... plus jake gyllenhaal )
+Willow (another childhood memory.)
+Foxfire (angelina jolie when she was hot and didn't care about being weird...good soundtrack)
+Fun (extremely high creepiness factor)
+Mommie Dearest (don't fuck with me fellas...enough said)
+Jawbreaker (mostly just for the soundtrack.)

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