Friday, December 18, 2009

I may be viciously unkind...



Why am I up late drinking and posting photos of me and my cat? Not to mention listening to "Why" by Annie Lennox over and over?

Because I hate X-Mess. And today I figured out why. Up until Chris and broke up I loved the holidays. He and I always decorated, designed these crazy ribbons and wrapping papers, he actually paid attention to what I wanted and we always made out underneath our dinky little tree. The cats even had stockings. Plus his family was not crazy. It was all so simple and reminded me of my childhood.

With Andy's family, like everything else, it's drama drama drama. And it pisses me off. Why is nothing easy in this family? I told Andy tonight I find it really unfair that I have 2 sets of in-laws and he has none. None. At least one set of them are somewhat easy to deal with and live out of state. It's just exhausting.

I am, however, going to get my tattoo filled into tomorrow. This means most of my right arm will be complete. Once I get my banner than says Jolene and my Steve Zissou red cap... I'll be happy.

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