Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Just a warning-This post is sad and gory. It is about Sylvia Likens. She was murdered October 26, 1965.

The human mind never fails to fascinate me. Given that I am a clinical therapist-I'd better have some interest in it. My interest in crime and human behavior has always been with me. Personally and professionally I have tried to understand why people do what they do. I have very few answers and even more questions. Rarely do cases I read about effect my emotions, though. After I read about Sylvia Likens I could no longer say that.

Sylvia Likens

This is a review of the movie An American Crime-

Even though I try not to imagine what happened to her-I still do. The fact that her abuse and violation became entertainment for this neighborhood kills me. How did so many people stand by AWARE of what was happening? I ask myself these questions daily. On our way home from work Andy and I pass the lot where the house once stood. Thankfully it was torn down. It is a parking lot but there are never cars.

I hope by now she has found peace.

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