Tuesday, November 9, 2010

And speaking of Kinko's

When I worked at Kinkos I collected A LOT of crap people left in the machines. Weird art, weird poetry, photographs, etc. I have an entire notebook/journal of it. The best, if not my favorite (Minus the guy who brought in images of women fisting one another but would then make reproductions so that the women had the heads of Oprah/Beyonce on their bodies-But I WOULD NEVER take his forgotten copies. I mean gross. He would make the copies then disappear to the bathroom for HOURS!)was this lady:

Secretary-General Jaap de Hoop Scheffer
North Atlantic Treaty Organization
Boulevard Leopold III
1110 Brussels, Belgium

Dear Secretary-General Scheffer,

I have been made aware of the torture of the Russian dignitary about whom
I have been writing and, I am insisting on the abstinence of Donald Rumsfeld,
John Ashcroft, and Queen Elizabeth II from all torture stages and venues worldwide
and with respect to my prosecution based upon my academic work at The
University of Chicago and thereafter. Queen Elizabeth II and Donald Rumsfeld
have no access to the stage for the purposes of torture due to unauthorized
and misappropriated use of nontraditional warfare. John Ashcroft, former Attorney
General of the United States, refused to prosecute during the last fiscal year and
since has resigned. I have been informed that, due to injection agreements, Senator
Ted Kennedy (see surveillance for September 18, 2003, Fox 59) may also be
denied access and in the same way as both Mr. Rumsfeld and Queen Elizabeth II.
In the past, I have specifically insisted on the discontinuation of the trafficking for
torture revenue in that his position as my mate-designate makes denial of
his protection within my legitimate, international mafia sports connection lucrative
for black market enterprises instead of the legitimate, military protection afforded
my doctorate and me.
In that I have also been made aware of the desire and commitment to confer
my doctorate in Policy Analysis at the December convocation by both Professor
Emeritus Charles Bidwell of The University of Chicago and the United States
Naval Academy, I am requesting that you order the administration of the Naval
Academy to confer the degree no later than the June convocation, March at the
latest. The events of the last three mornings, the possible drawing and quartering
of a maximum of 300 cadets, a maximum of 100 per day, to illustrate the
misappropriation of my academic work and the justifiability of my complaint, cul-
minated in the deaths of fourteen cadets and the drawing and quartering of three
Russian admirals, three British admirals, and three French admirals on consecutive
mornings. These deaths contrast the military backing of my doctorate as a form of
legitimate currency, in my name only, and with the name of The University of
Chicago. All bogus copies represent illegitimate, illegal currency, nonmilitarily-
backed. The misappropriation and withholding of the doctorate, due to no ethical
complaint, has done nothing more than tend toward victimization as the stage
torture has evidenced. The doctorate includes all four of the definitional attributes
of an international sports connection, and not based upon torture and black market
torture equipment, including academic legitimacy, the marital contract, sports
revenue independent of childbearing and injection income, and with me as the sole
victim. The innocence of the mate-designate hanging on a cross under the Senate
chamber and, on all other torture stages and in all other basements used for torture,
is implicit for sex bias given his innocence in socioeceonomic bias. With such
criminal involvement, black market ventures, as opposed to an established
legitimate connection, surface as formaldehyde pits, disguise academies con-
sisting of fired cops impersonating military officers and secret service agents (see
surveillance for Sunday, February 20, 2005 at the vice-presidential home of Richard
Cheney and torture stage in Washington D.C. and Saturday evening, February 26,
2005 for the infiltration of fired cops into the United States Secret Service further
confounding Raytheon and military intelligence), private torture rooms and base-
ment torture evolving into a torture at home network, injection networking for
power plays and using biological substances in defiance of the echeloning
agreement between NATO and the Russian government, and cloning for political
power plays in criminal involvement and the reliance upon backups for sanctioning
when only the original and elimination would have sufficed. Ironically, those who
like to torture are the most likely to smuggle and clone themselves, and amplify the
cruelty of the equipment. The body mask is an example, confiscated immediately
this morning hopefully, which exceeds the “duck coat” in shock and extraction of
body organs. The pole was confiscated on Saturday evening, I was told, if not
the morning of February 13, 2005. At that time, I was also told to by a man iden-
tifying himself as a NATO staff member, to insist on the prosecution and the
crucifixion of Queen Elizabeth II for her behavior toward this Russian dignitary
since 1993.
More specifically, in addition to those forming a torture circuit as identified
on previous correspondence, Bill Frist, a senator from Tennessee, has repeatedly
surfaced as a victimizer and since my request for prosecution to Attorney General
Alberto Gonzales, dated February 21, 2005. Dates and incidents involving this
sex bias prosecution and involving the American presidency are December 17,
1999, December 17, 2004, the crucifixion and cloning of innocent students at the
University of Tennessee, the establishment of fifteen formaldehyde pits across the
United States for the execution of girls fifteen and under not in agreement of
consensual sex with him (see surveillance for Thursday, February 24, 2005 in
reference to his Biloxi pit), and his torture of the mate-designate and Russian
dignitary at Langley Air Force Base and in the White House basement. (see sur-
veillance for the evenings of February 21-24, 2005) The torture of this man may be
confirmed by Peter Jennings (ABC), Larry King (CNN), and by Dianne Sawyer
(ABC) along with sports celebrities, most often, nailing down, starvation, and
anal rape. In coming to my rescue on August 5, 9, 2004 and on December 17,
2004, he was attempting to stop repeated rape within internment camp conditions
to stop this victimization. Commerorative dates to remember include December
17, 1999 when this man was crucified for five minutes on the rotunda side of the
White House by Bill Frist and Bill Clinton, and, December 17, 2004 when Bill
Frist illegally opposed this man’s safe passage through the Los Angeles airport.
This same man has been repeatedly tortured with formaldehyde by John Ashcroft
and Queen Elizabeth II.
I am asking that you enforce the availability of the mate-designate’s secret
service protection, three totally in addition to my two secret service agents, and
his FBI protection, totally five agents in addition to my ten FBI agents. The
unnecessary torture and deaths of innocent navy intelligence officers with Raytheon
intelligence on Saturday evening, February 26, 2005, makes enforcement of
my protection and the expediency of his earned protection of the utmost importance.
(see surveillance for my rescue of 900-1100 innocent American intelligence officers
The United Nations has asked for a listing of the NATO-enforceable
sanctions given the torture (see enclosure) This Russian dignitary was awarded an
honor guard on the morning of January 18, 2005, with his mahogany cross secured
in a Russian navy facility and with the guard consisting of an American admiral,
three British admirals, and three French admirals. This mahogany must be
secured as do his office now and on April 10 with the permanent lowering of
plexiglass along with his presidential access to surveillance. I believe the cross is
a means to torture and to deprive sustenance and must be eliminated given the legal
documents in the administrative safe of the hotel in Moscow where he has been
given protection, in the office of Secretary-General Kofi Annan, and in the office of
President Jacques Chirac. John Ashcroft intentionally destroyed this man’s eyesight
on December 10, 2004, reportedly, and has since been restored by His Holiness and . by my own opthamologist. I do not believe those guilty should control the mafia
stage, wherever it is located and, particular, for purposes of torture within the
American, French, and Russian mafias. I hope that you will see fit to secure his
eyesight in the immediate future with an intervening NATO country, if necessary.
The damage resulted from the now confiscated British-designed nail (hockey)
mask. As specified by former President Gorbachev, only President Chirac,
His Holiness, and I have access to him and, I am the sole owner of the academic
property supporting this connection


cc: Secretary-General Kofi Annan
United Nations Plaza
New York City, New York 10017

She was SUPER sneaky and would creep around the self-serve computers all hours of the night. Not to mention she always had a book about the Black Dahlia with her. Because of my own interst in the Black Dahlia I questioned if I had been kidnapped along with the writer of this letter at some point. Well not really. But yes actually. Anyway. I had an entire disk with her letters and papers on it BUT the
2nd to last time I moved I lost it.

But trust-It made this letter look like a Little Golden Book.


  1. I only skimmed the letter, but. That's the best! I work at a deli and collect the grocery lists people leave behind. Gems like that are the universe's way of making up for the crappy paychecks at those type of jobs, I think. I love me some human beings.

    Oh hi, I read your blog sometimes.

  2. The grocery list collection must be awesome. I like when I find an old one in my cart at the grocery store. Thanks for reading!