Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Obesity is not a disease
OK.  I gave it that title out of sarcasm. I tracked Ms.Vawter down on Facebook and sent her the following message:

There is no disease that causes your body to drive to McDonald's to go get some fries. There is no disease that makes your hands unwrap a candy bar. It's all habits,"

Just a few things to think about-While there is not a McDonald’s disease or a candy bar disease there is something known as ADDICTION. This can happen with food just as easily with alcohol or drugs. Now I am sure you would not be cruel enough to want to deny someone with an alcohol addiction treatment, would you? Food addiction is a disease. Like any disease it does require the individual to take responsibility for their actions. I would like to go into all the endocrine system diseases that can cause weight gain but you can Google those if you like. Be a little proactive in decreasing your ignorance.

The next point I want you think about is this-Fat is visual. You know nothing about the person. It is easy to judge. It is easy to feel superior to a fat person you do not know at all. You know nothing about their life. You know nothing about their daily routine. You know nothing about their health. You know nothing about their struggles. But ask yourself-Why do you even care? What is so intimidating to you about FAT that it caused you to make such a hateful comment in a public arena? The problem is not about public fat. The problem is about your insecurity pertaining to fat visibility. My guess is you have your own body issues. You are not alone. Many people say horrible things about fat people and try to shame fat folks out of their own insecurity. Fat people should be hidden at home, on the couch, in a Tweety Bird sweatshirt, stretch pants all while eating gallons of junk food and watching Maury. I want to let you know, though, that stereotype is so fucked. Guess what? We are not going away.

Long story short, sweetheart-Fuck the fat police and fuck you.

And no.....she has not replied.  She ain't so cocky when called on her bullshit.

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