Saturday, December 17, 2011

I feel amazing.  Granted it was at the expense of a child molester getting his “feelings” hurt.  So many things are coming out of me.  And I am actually letting them go.  It has taken me until I was 37 years old to not be afraid.  Or maybe still kinda afraid but maybe really having some of the force and power I thus far have only displayed but everyone who knows anything at all about me knows I’m held together with rotting duct tape.
Just go.
Not the original.  Not those after.  But one I knew.
“Why would you be so mean?”, he asked.
“I wouldn’t refer to myself as mean anymore than you would refer to yourself as a disgusting rapist.”
“Actually…I’m ok with with being mean if it for one second fucks you up like it fucked up those girls we went to high school who couldn’t scream NO loud enough at you.  Or when you became a teacher and raped one of your students and only lost your teaching license.  I’m ok with mean.”

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