Sunday, December 25, 2011

This is how my day starts.  Actually it started last night with Andy being in the ER until 4:30 this morning with chest pain.  All tests were negative but I'm worrier by habit.  I feel like he probably pulled a muscle in or around that area but it still scared me.

 I didn't get cha cha heels but I did get pottery classes.  Which is a generic way of saying this woman is willing to let me come to her studio to make a big mess and not get mad about it. Hurrah!
 Oh my.  The Killer himself...Mr. Jerry Lee Lewis.  These are buttons my friend Kyle got me. He does not understand my love for Mr Jerry Lee Lewis...but I don't expect anyone to.
This is all Andy's work. He was determined to be the kugel king.  We've not eaten yet but it smells pretty good.  I know somewhere my Pinky is pacing and saying And she married an Indian and let him make KUGEL on Christmas??  What is THIS??

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