Saturday, March 31, 2012

Everyone else is so confident with themselves.
Person From Tumblr
And then there is me. Worrying about EVERYTHING.
I just want to finish this essay. And have fun this weekend.
I’ve worried from the beginning. Did the doctor cut my umbilical cord correctly? Is eating paste in kindergarten really a rite of passage?  Will having a Swatch watch ever make me cool? How many times am I going to be sent to Charter Beacon?  Will my mom ever stop being a martyr and let me be myself?  Just the other day…I ordered a pair of Tom’s shoes. They were too small.  Had to return them.  I was freaking out that the kid in Africa who got a free pair of shoes would have their shoes taken away b/c I had to return to mine. Turns out no but I did question the Tom’s people why they don’t provide more practical supplies.  It’s ok to worry.  Write your essay and reward yourself with fun in whatever way makes life fun for you.

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