Thursday, March 29, 2012

You were my Doom's day...

I love this dress.  I wish I bought the other one. I've gotten various comments on it my favorite being "That is very Courtney Love"....Ha.  Yes.  Minus the herion addiction, etc. <3

I said something very mean to female friend that has been nothing but kind and supportive to me since I've known her.  I feel bad but then again no.  I hate when I let my personal issues with women, motherhood, and babies destroy the filter of You Should Shut-Up Jennifer.  You know what, though?  In this wasn't about my issues. I do get frustrated with how tedious it is that I am questioned  as a woman of 37 as to why I don't have children.  Because  I have made a choice not to because of money and health reasons if you need to know. And it's no more my business why other women have children.  I do know that I struggle with that I work and have insurance but still certain birth control methods are not available to me.  Being on Medicaid for 4 years, making a choice not to work for 4 years and having two small children- apparently these methods are 100% covered.
That is my frustration.

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