Friday, September 28, 2012

Shhh! It's a Wig!

I met my friend Nicole on Tumblr.  It's really the only place I talk to people.  Engaging with people in real life bores me.  She sent me this bag of goodies!  Let's start with the leopard print duct tape.  Candy boogers, a Divine sticker and an eyeball eraser. The boogers were very good.  Sour apple-ish.  Second package ALF trading cards.  Nicole is the only one that shares my love for ALF.  Then an awesome Slutever button and fun ghostie stickers and stuff.

This def boosted my mood.  I have been feeling very lonely lately.  Like there goes Jennifer and her crazy bullshit lonely.  I hate this. It scares me.  My life scares me.  Hard cheese I guess.

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