Sunday, September 23, 2012

This was my Sunday.  
First I went to pick up my birth control pills at CVS.  Said to the pharmacist, "Now we're both on the pill!".  Something tells me he really didn't give a fuck.

Then went to Avenue to stock up on pantyhose because those pantyhose could be set on fire, get in a fight with Mike Tyson, be stretched across my gut and ass for several times and be like yeah-what else ya got, bitch?  Plus for some reason the girl who rang me out gave me 50% off.  I am not gonna fuss.

Then we went to Sephora. I should have texted Coralene before I went but I just got caught up in the moment.

I am seriously digging the Smashbox BB creme (which Coralene also turned me onto-thank God we live in separate states.  I fear reality of us together if make-up does this to us) so I got 2 primers and loose powder.  Plus my L'Occitane winter supply of lotion.  My only purpose for going to Sephora was for a gift.  But I got the gift so it counts right?  And I how I pass up an OPI nail polish with a Star Trek reference?  Come on!

Then Android and I went to the Taiwan Tea House.  It was ok but not as good as the place in Chicago.

Then we went to the grocery store for black Rit Dye and Dt, 7-UP.

The end.

How's your Sunday going?

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