Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Working Gal Blues...

1)Woke up late
2)Rain. Which is fine. People in Indiana don’t handle rain well. They drive as if the fluid falling from the sky is a mix of baby’s blood and nails.
3)Get to the parking garage.   Can’t go in b/c there is “security issue.”  Lady screams at me that I should know this (I should’ve gotten a text but didn’t) and to go to the other garage.  Tell her to fuck off and go to other garage.  Get to other garage and the card pass is locked down. Everyone being diverted from the other garage is now gone into herd mentality and doesn’t get that our passes don’t work so they all start honking and being dicks.  Finally a state trooper comes down as if to solve the problem and but instead tells everyone to drive like 4 blocks to some place and ask whosewhathisname about it.  I promptly call my boss and say fuck this and she’s all yeah go home and read.  Thank you federal government.  And I had such cute shoes today.

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