Sunday, March 15, 2009

Korean Chow Hound

Saturday was Andy's friend Steven's birthday. We took him out for Korean. Yum!

This was the stuff Andy and Steven ordered. That is my kimchi stew on the bottom left.

Steven getting ready to attack!

Andy and IPhotobucket

They managed to eat about 3/4 of their food. I finished my kimchi and also had squid tempura. I repeatedly asked Andy if I could rub my tentacles all over him.

So then we took Steven to a new place called 45 Degrees. It was ok but only b/c my friend Matt Porter was playing. I am not too amused with drinks that cost $6.50.

Overly priced drinks. Hiss!

Here we have Andy pretending to be Fonzi in what would have been a nice photo.


  1. You look pissed in the last picture. PISSED! Were you? And also, why do you live so far away! I wish we had Korean restaurants here (or at least one!) because I adore kimchi, and I've recently made Graham like it as well (finally). In fact, two days ago at work I found some recipes for it that I think I need to try. I'll let you know if they turn out to not be worthless!

  2. Yes I was. That was the beginning of The Grumpy Mood. Notice also Katie to my left. She also has the mood. We're also the only two with husbands in that pic!

    I love, love kimchi. I haven't attempted to make it b/c I am pretty sure I'd be the only one eating it. I need a restaurant with bubble tea! The last time I got to have it was in Chicago. For some reason the restaurants here are anti-bubble tea. Def let me know how the recipes turn out!