Thursday, March 12, 2009

Pop! Zap! Pow!

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This is almost like my house! We only have three, though! I feel like these cats are doing a scene from Westside Story.


I got good news on the job front today. So to celebrate I went to...Sephora! Stocked up on my MakeUp Forever Hi-Def supplies, bought some Nars lipgloss (Gothika...oooh! I may have to smash a lightbulb and cut my wrists!) and some Philosophy lipgloss. I felt bad going in there b/c well I had no make-up on. They were probably like this bitch needs a make-up chair 911!

Tomorrow my new bellydance class starts!

Also, I have a friend who asked me to do the music for her birthday party Saturday. This makes me extremely happy. One b/c I haven't played anywhere since Alison and I broke up in 2001 and I can play whatever I want at this party. I mean it won't be like when Alison and I would have a show at Eden and were totally f'ed up and would play mixes of Abba and L.A. Style. Now those were the days. I so wanted Lords of Acid to adopt me. Call me ridiculous but I miss acid EBM. But this is so much easier than dragging mixing boards and decks around.

I had a super creepy dream about a horrible x-boyfriend. In the dream I rolled over in bed and thought I was kissing Andy but it was really the X!! Thinking about it now makes me want to vom in my mouth. Honestly, that's how kissing him made me feel in real life, though.


  1. You are too much! LA Style, haha. When I was in high school, I was not only a majorette, but on the dance team as well. Imagine! Ah! Not a shining moment. I can't even believe it myself. Anyways, dance team did a halftime show to a mix of ALL LA Style songs. I can still hear the damned thing and do the dance in my head... here comes James Brown is Dead... ok, there goes I'm Raving... here's some Balloony... What a mess, man.

  2. **additionally, I am extremely jealous of your Sephora extravaganza. We don't have Sephora here. I like ordering online because they always send lots of nice samples along, but I really like just wandering through the store for an hour. NARS is the business!

  3. HAHAHAHA!!! Do you remember the O Fortuna remix by Apothoesis? I am probably really showing my age with that one!

    Ah! I want to see majorette pics!!

    We just got the Sephora last year. The horrible part is the way the mall is set up Tiffany, Burberry and Sephora are all in a row! Torture I say!

  4. Jeez. Where do you live again? Indiana (I thought?)? We don't have any stores like that at all here. I think the nicest thing we have is this store called Meridian downtown, which sells Seven For All Mankind and Paper Denim + Cloth jeans and bad Juicy bags. Other than that we just have a Dillard's, and the nicest thing you can get there is Coach. I have too much Coach :(

  5. Even no Macy's?

    In the right neighborhood around Indanapolis you can find Coach bags at yard sales. I found one with the tags still on it one time plus a Kate Spade.

  6. No Macy's. We have Dillard's, but that's it. They just built some store called Kohl's which I was told is supposed to be very nice, but it looks like a JC Penney from the outside so I haven't even bothered stopping in.

    I love yard sales! I never get to go to them because my days off are Monday, Thursday and Friday and they're always on weekends :( Sad. Haha once in Seattle I, too, got a Kate Spade bag at a yard sale. Only I brought it to work with a very haughty attitude, only to be informed that what I was actually carrying was a Kade Spade. How embarrassing!

  7. Kohl's is like Target if only suburban moms shopped there. I personally am a Target junkie. I think it may be cheaper than therapy but maybe not. I trust the power of lipgloss and office supplies.