Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Something in the pool is eating all my swimsuits!
I think maybe this guy!

I have looked all over for a proper, all black, chlorine resistent swim-suit to no avail. They all have flowers and other icky crap I'll pass on. If you're already a size 18 do you really want giant orchids drawing attention to your ass? No. Who thinks this is acceptable? I blame Delta Burke.

I did, however, find a suit for work that was only $20! It's beige and brown, though, so shoes may need to be purchased.

A person I used to be good friends with finally had his kid last night. He and his wife named the baby after a Grateful Dead song. The song is actually called Wharf Rat but it mentions a kid named August. In all honesty I wouldn't have been surprised had they went with Wharf Rat.

I'm off today so I have big plans for craftiness!


  1. You make me laugh. Wharf Rat?? Haha, that's fantastic. August is a great name though. I've been wanting ONE MORE baby lately but I think Graham would faint if I mentioned it to him. I really want a boy... such good boy names. Little baby boy loafers and sweater vests laying around the house, playing with big sisters...

  2. You know, I'm not sure what I would want. I guess as long as it's healthy. I have one BFF that just had a boy and another who just had a girl. So far I think Conrad is more fun. So is it just scary as hell? It just scares me how much everyone I know who has had a baby changed. Maybe I need to change? I just remember Katie, the friend with the boy, called me in tears one day talking about how her vag was purple! I'm sure this is just the beginning!