Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Thank Maude. We finally got our phones today. It's weird b/c we talked to the Sprint guy at different times and both ended up with red phones. Not the same phone, though. That would be a little too BFF for me. Even if he is my husband. Like let's both wear jelly shoes and footie tights to the skating rink!


  1. What phones did you guys get? G & I have the same phone in different colors. They're garbage though (ugh, enV's). I want a Blackberry Storm. Actually I just want an iPhone but there isn't a service provider who supports them here, so... yeah. You two should still wear footie tights and jelly shoes though!

  2. I just got the Blackberry Pearl. Andy got the Rant. I tried to get him the Storm since I felt so bad for dropping his old phone in a cup of coffee. He didn't like the keypad, though.

    If I can find size 14 jelly shoes he will totally wear them!