Wednesday, April 22, 2009

+I had an insane amount of sushi for lunch. It was amazing. Not as good as East Coast but good. I think I like sushi so much b/c I like how it looks and is designed. Honestly, I am not even hungry. I'm only eating to eat.

+Earlier there was a pit bull runnning around the school. Of course animal control was immediately called. I get very emotional about all this pit bull business. They are rarely rehabbed and usually put down. There have been an increasng number of bites around Indianapolis lately. This is probably b/c it's Spring-ish outside.

+I am in the middle of rereading Choke and reading Middlesex for the first time. I abhore that Middlesex is a Oprah Book Club Book. Eugenides did write The Virgin Suicides so I am certain, I hope, Middlesex will not be a disappointment.

+The husband and I had a small scuffle involving various issues with our new "roomie" which was quickly resolved. This situation gets more and more drama-filled every day.

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