Tuesday, October 20, 2009

My BPAL order finally came. So far Devil's Night 2009 and Burial are my favorites. They also sent a ton of imps!

I seem to have acquired a mutation of a cold and strep. Gross. I will not be sick for my trip next week. Will not!

I made olive and garlic hummus last night. Much yum. I've been eating it with carrot chips.

Out of pure foolishness I am driving to Ft Wayne on Saturday to meet Belladonna. She is going to be signing at an adult bookstore. While I am not so keen on her actual porn...I am keen on how body positive she is. She is a big part of how April Flores got started and everyone knows how I less than 3 April.

Andy finds this entire adventure ridiculous. Oh poor him. My wife draaaaags me to meet porn stars. What a terrible life.


  1. That's so funny. I think Graham would freak out too. It's not terribly comfortable for some people! I either hide from people or think they are cute and try to swing them around in the air.

    How did you make your hummus? I've never made it before! I'm going to look up recipes now, because that sounds amazing. An ex of mine used to come over with two tubs of it and we would eat the whole thing. Excessive, but it's so amazing!

  2. he was srsly disgusted when i met ron jeremy. which is a story by itself!

    hummus: i just dump a can of garbonzo beans and whatever i want with it in the food processor. i think this batch would have been better with black olives instead of green. i have found, though, that before you put in other ingredients it's good to sprinkle the garbonzo beans with lemon juice. so far nothing has beat the pumpkin hummus i made.

  3. now i know how i found you! you and i share an interest in hot air balloons. i can't believe that not more people do.

    the pumpkin hummus sounds strangely yummy.

    i'm trying to think about how hot air balloons go with the rest of your post. hmmm. i don't think they do.