Monday, December 28, 2009

It's 19 degrees this morning. I miss you wool pea coat. The thing is I hate wearing coats. Of course before I moved to the boonies and took the bus everywhere I had to wear a coat. Now that I have to drive in from suburbia I hate having a coat on IN the car. Maybe I should just get one to have. I find individual coats that have certain things I like but none of them have ALL the things I want.

But winter. I love you. I love cold weather food, clothing, keeping-warm activities and watching the dogs play in the snow. Andy hates winter. I hate the summer. I can put more clothes on...will only take so many off.

It seems like today will be a long and quiet day at work. Which is good and bad. I think I have more to write about but it's hard to write about some things b/c they come off sounding trite and unnecessary. Like really Jennifer. You're upset and concerned about THAT?? Maybe I am.

Peanut butter and carrots.

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  1. What's your dream coat? My favorite coat in life was a red wool pea coat from H&M in London, but I stupidly left it at an ex's house and never saw it again, along with about 500 CD's. Love that.

    I can't believe it's almost January. How cold does it get there? It's a balmy 10°F here right now! You need some winter KITTEN MITTONS.