Thursday, January 14, 2010

Am I the only one that gets aroused when looking at

Be honest! Twinkie Casserole??

We may have found a house. We get to look at it Saturday. I would actually have a craft/dance space! It's walking distance to the library and a bunch of fun places, close to Katie and Heather and on the bus line. No more driving! There is also room for the piano. It looks super cozy and I am already decorating it. Not to mention the current owner sounds like she would be the perfect landlord.

The best part? No crazy grandmother around! No more poop on the bathroom floor!



  1. She poops on the bathroom floor?!

    We're looking at houses too. I really want to live somewhere with walls I can paint. And I'm jealous that you'd live close to the library! I would love that. I can't wait until P is a little older and we can go to the library together all the time :)

    I'd never seen that site before but no, you are not the only one.

  2. Yes, but not on purpose. I think she starts to, ah, "go" before she gets to the actual toilet.

    This neighborhood would be so, so perfect. Closer to downtown, AWAY from the MIL and it's so cute! Now we really need to be neighbors so you can help me decorate!

    Our libraries here have story times for kids P's age...yours might too. They read the story and then the kids do a craft about the story.