Monday, January 11, 2010

1-People who park in handicapped spaces. I get it. The tag with a wheelchair clears any of your behavior and lack of parking skills. If you are indeed so handicapped you cannot park the vehicle you are driving in a straight position, while you are on a cell phone and smoking a cig, then not only do I not want you parking close to me I do not want you driving on the same streets as me. You already get a spot close to the front of the you need the 5 spots close to it as well?

2-People who go to "schools" proclaiming to make them professional whatevers. I.E. places like Kaplan College. No one, and I mean no one, is made a professional by going to "school" to be a CNA or "medical assistant". It is all ass-wiping. Seriously. I've been a CNA. Just b/c you can now take a blood pressure in no way entitles you to think of yourself as having a professional license. All you have done is waste your money, or the state's, when you could have gone to some place legit for the same time and become a LPN. Which is a legal license. This shit is all stuff that has been done for years without school. The sad part is even this supposed "license" has not upped the caliber of people who work as CNA's or whatevers. It especially annoys me how cocky an individual like this can be.

Which brings me to my next complaint:

3-People who want to be considered "professional" and still speak in a manner as such:
"I gots me a criminal science degreed"....

Really? I struggle with the thought that telling a person who speaks like that no one will take them seriously that I am racist. Fine. But I do not want to hear it when clients leave your office and ask for another case manager and you complain that the client is also racist. I hate this whole theory that by going against your culture and "sounding" white you are disrespecting your culture.

Am I dispecting my white trash roots by not speaking with a twang? No. Does it mean I do not want to be associated with people who lived with pigs and made moon-shine? Nope. I do make it clear those were my father's people. Not my mother's....ha.

Does it annoy anyone else that we can't have open discussions about this stuff? Does it annoy anyone else how easily the words racist and prejudice are thrown around? I worked at Kinkos for awhile. We did not have a public restroom. I worked at the front counter. This made me the target for people popping in to just use the bathroom. One guy who had leg braces and crutches started screaming at me about how it was people like me who kept people with disabilities down. Uh, yeah. I know you don't know me but I have worked with people with various disabilities, including my mom, for years asswipe. Wasn't he really the one making a mockery of people with disabilites by insisting he did not have to follow the rules?

Just more crap in life I do not understand.


  1. i agree with you entirely. i went to a boarding school for orphaned children that was 95% black and hispanic. there was a lot of reverse racism, but anytime a teacher told them to stop doing something, etc. the response was "WHAT? IT'S BECAUSE I'M BLACK!"
    i have made statements in the past, in conversation and not out of racism, and it has been labeled as racist.
    if we are supposed to be beyond racism, then that goes for all races. those who suffered in the past need to prove that they are better than those who treated their ancestors horribly.
    i don't know...just ranting, i suppose :]

    i'm a new follower and i enjoy your blog.

  2. Welcome to the Boom Boom Room!

    I know exactly what you mean. The peculiar thing is that I have a great deal of professional colleagues that are black. One happens to be a really good friend. We've had this dicussion at length. What she told me is if any of her children made the choice to act and sound ignorant for the sake of being "black" she would beat their collective asses. And she would, too. Not condoning child abuse..but you know what I mean.

    The whole thing just makes no sense.