Monday, March 22, 2010

Friday--Got the hairs did. I am now black/pink/purple. Also, my eyebrows waxed. They no longer look like caterpillars. They never really get that thick the hairs just grow all wild.

Saturday--Errands. Minor freak-out in Sam's Club. Got over it quickly and decided there are probably better things to sulk about. I also got a pedicure. My feet no longer look like they belong to a brontosaurus. I will never have cute feet but I do what I can. This time my toes are painted white with grape bunches on my big toes. I'm not sure why she decided on grapes but on well.

Sunday--Lunch with Non-Crazy in-laws. They are Non-Crazy b/c even if they do get crazy I can send them swiftly back to Cincinnati and call it a day. Irish Anne (Andy's step-mom) was pretty hopped up and angry with Andy's dad about various things. I think everyone in the restaurant knew it by the end of our meal. I can handle this much MUCH better than the poor/poor me routine I get with his mom. That crap is for the birds. Plus it amuses me that the madder she is the heavier her accent is.

I finished Precious Saturday. As predicted I do not think I want to watch the movie. I might. I dont know.

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  1. I have no desire to read the book, but I did see the film. Way too heavy for me. Although I did like the outspoken girl in the class... she said her favorite color is fluorescent beige, haha.

    And, I really do love Richard Marx. I had this piano book with some of his songs in it when I was in elementary school and I played them all the time. What. A. Dude.