Friday, March 19, 2010

A nervous purr

Things I like--

1)Reading obits. Which leads to speculation of what "passed away" really entails. I'm nosy and warped.

2)When guys roll their shirt sleeves up to the middle of their fore-arm. This is my idea of dude "cleavage"...Lucky for me I am in an over-heated office consisting mainly of guys getting too hot in their suit jackets. Hairy arms but not TOO hairy. Yes. As a matter of fact I AM a gay guy.

3)Indulging my craft project fantasies.

4)Plucking my eyebrows at work b/c this is the best lighting EVER!!

5)Pretend verbal exchanges with people I dislike. Or think need to check their behavior and how it fucks with other people. What's the first thing I would say you ask??? I won't say it here but this I will say--
Do you really think this is worth all the people you've hurt?

6)Water with lemon. I usually drink a 44oz Dr Pepper every day. This is bad news for healthy bodies. For my body it's close to suicide. So I have backed way off with the Dr Pepper. I discovered the cafeteria in the gov't center has lemons. No matter how good water is supposed to be I get bored drinking it. How's that for ADD?? I've been drinking close to 180 oz's a day. I could do without the peeing so much. I do feel really really better, though.


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