Wednesday, June 30, 2010

#1 I hate when people call-with a wrong number-but argue like you’re lying to them about the number being wrong. This happens at my desk phone a lot. Like this-

Me-Dept. Of Homeland Security.
Her-I need the times for the IMAX movies today.
Me-Ma’am this is Homeland Seurity. Not an IMAX theater.
Her- I know this is the right number.
Me-I can Google and see what I can find. (Lest any of you think I am heartless cunt that would prevent someone from seeing Shrek 3)
Her-I have the right number.

For 5 minutes she keeps arguing.
Why would I lie about this? Finally she hung up. Ugh.

#2 I hate when people get mad that I do not have-and NEVER would have- information they need. Like this-

FBI Guy comes in the door-
Him-Do you know anything about suspicious package situation?
(I sit back in my chair trying to control my 13 yr old boy sense of humor)
Me-No. You need to check with XYZ or go over to TFC
Him- I am FROM the TFC! (getting all uppity and pissy)
Me-Then definitely check with XYZ.
Him-Stomps off

I get he’s in the middle of a situation. But—really? I hardly ever have anything to do with that stuff. Not to mention if he is truly from the TFC and he thinks that a girl with pink hair and tattoos, various Star Trek/Octopus/roller derby paraphernalia covering her cube walls and blaring Analog Pussy will know anything clearance related his job skills should be seriously evaluated.

Besides. The only packages I pay attention to are attached to the National Guard guys.

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