Thursday, August 19, 2010

I am fan of message boards on news station web sites.

Because I get to say things like this to people that are assholes-

#1(In Muncie a TG woman went into a hospital coughing up blood. She was called it and he/she by the ER staff. Shame on you Ball Memorial Hospital!)

The Comment that Enraged Me-

"I know it sounds bad but what do you call these people who really do not know what they are them selves.
I think they would get used to it, they bring this stuff on themselves and expect the other 99% of us to
bow down to their wishes. I think the rest of us need to learn to stand up and tell them to get over themselves and move on!!!"

It was the They Bring This On Themselves that pushed me over the edge.

My response:

"I'm sure if you look at yourself you'll remember a time when you were treated poorly/unfairly for just being the person you are. (I hate to think you have always been on the sending end of hatred.) How did you feel? Imagine that every day. This is not a situation "brought on" by the TG community. It is simply a basic requirement of respect and decency. Everyone has a right to that. Be you a person that is small-minded and lacks compassion---Or be you born in the wrong body. Respect is not a special "right".

#2 (A 12 y/o girl in Greenwood wants to play on football team that is males only. It's a Catholic school. They do not mix genders for 5 different sports. I am not personally invested in this one either way. However, the responses were SO anti-female--like this gem)

The Comment that Enraged Me-

"IF you want to be part of the Catholic orginization, you play by the rules of the outfit. If not get out. Simple as that.

Start your own league. Until then, the girl needs to get her butt on the kickball diamond, shut up and learn to keep a woman's place..."

A woman's place????????

My Response:

"Wherever a woman's place is...I sure as hell hope it is no where near you. Furthermore-teaching girls to play kickball is a GREAT idea. Especially when they come into contact with jerks like you."

The last one really does want any of the girls I know playing kickball with him. Fucker.

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