Tuesday, August 24, 2010

So my husband has decided to go back to school. This makes me very nervous. The last time we starred in this movie it was chaos and we almost did not make it. I know we are different people and more established now. I would support him in whatever he wants to do. That does not mean the crazy is not creeping around my edges. My plan was once he got a lab rotation somewhere I was going to Massachusetts and Rhode Island for a vacation. I do not think that will happen. So no beach for me. I'm bummed about this. Mostly because I just wanted to get away from the drama of his family for a bit. And I really really need the ocean.

So the following is what I have for now--

Five Favorites List:

1. Goldfrapp
2. NIN
3. Neuroticfish
4. Assemblage 23
5. VNV Nation

1. Silence of the Lambs
2. Party Girl
3. The Ice Storm
4. Harold and Maude
5. Willy Wonka

1. Chinese
2. Italian
3. Thai
4. Mexican
5. Greek

1. East Coast Ocean
2. Vanilla
3. Pumpkin
4. Lavendar
5. Sugar cookies

1. Stella
2. Sam Adams Oktoberfest
3. Any sort of tea
4. Dr. Pepper
5. Vernor’s Gingerale

1. Providence, RI
2. Chatham, MA
3. Fayetteville, NC
4. Warm Sandy Beach (anywhere)
5. Bed

1. Getting married
2. Seeing Covenant/And One
3. The last time I talked to my mom
4. Seeing Atari Teenage Riot live
5. Getting accepted to grad school at Brown

1. Lain
2. Angel Sanctuary
3. Ghost in the Shell
4. Kite
5. Bubblegum Crisis

1. Collecting Asian stationary
2. Re-finishing furniture
3. Reading
4. Freaking out the norms
5. Music

1. Android
2. Katie
3. Heather
4. DJenn
5. Pants

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