Sunday, October 17, 2010

I had my last check-up a few weeks ago. My doctor denied a medication I really wanted to try. My kidney function is not so hot and my fasting blood sugar was actually normal. His concern being it would lower my blood sugar too much. My complaint is that I at least wanted to try it for a few months. Despite exercise and diet I am not losing any weight. I am trying another medication and while I can tell a difference-it has some very gross side effects.

I explained to him that when you do 1/2 HR on the treadmill AND swim for an hour 4X's a week and see NO results-I get really frustrated. Add to that the shit I get for just being OH MY GOD FAT Well-Let's just say I have had a really bad attitude the last few months.

My diabetes is secondary to having Cushing's Syndrome. You can read more about that here-All about Cushing's Syndrome. The medications for it have a very short shelf-life and because mine developed from having a tumor on my pituary gland. The medical procedure for removal is VERY involved.

Anyway. I just hate how some people look at and treat me. Last week Andy and I went to Culver's. Clearly ALL junk food. As we were walking to our table this woman pointed me out to the people sitting with her at her table and they all looked over at me and started whispering. While there may be something to Andy's theory that it could be about my hair color or tattoos-I really doubt it. I just do not get why it's anyone's business. Furthermore I do not get why it is so easy to assume I am fat slob just because I am overweight. People are fat and skinny for ALL sorts of reasons. And whatever body type a person has-They are, I hope, SO MUCH MORE than that.

My energy to ignore this crap and not get my feelings hurt has faded a lot lately. It is just all around frustrating. Frustrating that I have these health issues but even more that a lot of people are just happier being dicks.

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