Sunday, October 17, 2010


More penpal goodness!


Katie and I went to get pedicures yesterday. I like mine but Katie had her toes painted black and then a silver spiderweb painted on each big toe! Awesome. I wanted a blood splatter but it was kind of complicated to explain that with the language barrier.

We then went to, of course, Target. I managed to make it out with only spending $50 and only buying one bottle of wine. I did get these for Heather, though.


Jenny is in town until 430 this afternoon. Andy and I got to spend about 45 minutes with her before Rita started calling and complaining that Andy needed to bring Jenny over for lunch before Andy takes her to the airport. I did not get to visit with Jenny the last time she was here for very long so Rita can just calm down. I mean granted if I could tolerate my MIL I could spend more time with my SIL. Oh well. I also got my birthday present from Jenny! Super Fancy IPOD Of Doom! Yeah-I am super tardy to the party as far as IPOD's are concerned. I have had a shuffle for ages but that's it. Now I am on a mission to find every weird podcast I can find.

That's all for today!

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