Wednesday, October 6, 2010

I just finished 14 cards for Project Pen Pal. My hands hurt and some how I lost 2 hours working on them. Hopefully the gals will like them and I'll get fun mail back from them!

Kinda tired and crampy tonight. I am in no mood for PMS-Which means I'll have it double bad. I've nearly eaten my weight in chocolate/carbs today and cried at various sad news stories.

So there was NO good news about the car. $778. Really. I should just kill myself now. Now every time I look at the car I scowl and think about finding a cliff and shoving it over.

Got my check-up update and I will go into that later. Not bad news but not really good.

Android is watching a documentary about U.S. military hospitals in Iraq. Always with the cheer that one.


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  1. I still haven made all of the cards, i was busy but lazy as well. I have to combat my laziness somehow! Ok, so you inspired me to make some more cards, yess!