Monday, October 4, 2010

Birthday 2010 was not my favorite. At all. It ended up in some twisted version of 16 Candles and I never want it to happen again. When we went to bed Thursday night Android and I were fighting. Friday morning, which was my birthday, he completely ignored me. He took me to work and did not even say have a good day. My assumption was that he was still mad from the night before. So the longer I thought about it at work the madder I got. Combine my issues with the fact my dad never bothers to call me and that I miss my mom so much on my birthday-- I was practically in tears all day and wanted to stab people in the throat with a pencil. I am by no means a Pretty Pretty Princess on my birthday but I still want to be thought of. So finally Android picks me up at 5 and is all Surprise Surprise! Happy Birthday! Of course my response is What.The Fuck. Is.Wrong.With.You?? After about 2 hrs and nearly a pack of cigarettes I think we sorted most of the crap out. I’m still a bit salty about all of it. Most of that is, though, my birthday makes me crazy on a good day.

We then went to The Journey. This is about as good as sushi in Indiana can get. I know. Even the thought is gross. This place is really good though. It’s basically like the buffets in Las Vegas. Plus they have a chocolate fountain and you really cannot go wrong with that. These are not my pictures but you get the idea.


He then gave me 4 cupcakes from The Flying Cupcake. Which is one of my favorite treats in the world. These were the Dreamsicle ones. Perfect.


Finally-he gave me this….


It’s the Enterprise as a PIZZA CUTTER!! I have no intentions to actually use it. But even though I was mad at him it just proves he does know me preeetty well. The rest of the weekend we just putzed around and watched a bunch of Tales From the Darkside. Which reminds me so much of living with my grandmother. Not because she was haunted or anything. She lived on a farm that looked a lot like the one on the opening of TF the D!

This part may reinforce how obnoxious I truly am. I am really sick of how lazy things like Facebook/ Twitter have made people. Who the fuck says happy birthday to someone they care about on Facebook rather than A)either actually calling them or B)sending a card. This infuriates me. And I will tell you why—Unless I am really broke (as I have been since May) I go out of my fucking way to do thoughtful things for people. Even when I do not have money I try to DO something for the person. It may not be Martha Perfect but I fucking think enough of the people I care about (And honestly a few I really do not care about but they have no one else that does things for them.) to find something that is for them in particular. Maybe no one else can say this freely—I like when people think of me and it does matter. You never, ever get to too old for that. And it’s not just a birthday thing. In general, it truly flatters me when people pay enough attention to do silly things for me. I value that. I like doing it for others. Needless to say-I really got my feelings hurt by a lot of people this year. To the point where I am really re-evaluating how freely I do things for people. Android asked me if I do things for people b/c I want them to do back for me. No. I truly enjoy doing things like that. I just feel like people do not stop to think of one another like that anymore.

So that is the end of my rant on that. Now it is Monday and just being grateful that I have a job. Our car is leaking radiator fluid and I am not looking forward to dealing with that at all. It has gotten really chilly though so I am super happy that it is finally tights weather. I just want to live in Twin Peaks and call it a day.

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