Sunday, September 26, 2010

The Cure - Just Like Heaven

On this day 5 yrs ago I had a date. A date, wherein upon appx 20 minutes before this date I hid in my friend Katie's appt (she was in Paris on her honeymoon--I had keys to feed her cat)talking on IM to my BFF Andrew about how I was avoiding this date. I do not know why other than that I was going through a phase in regards to males. Actually a phase in regards to myself. Anyway. Andrew told me to go and that I could not hide and just talk to him. Uhm, yes I can. So true to my instincts I put on a ton of black eyeliner and red lipstick. I then went down to my apt and buzzed the date in.

We went to a pub in my neighborhood called English Ivy's. It's a Family establishment--so I had plenty of gay boys for back up if the date got of hand. At the end of the date he started to get his card out of wallet--only to realize he had not put the card back in his wallet from some other purchase. Awkward. I then paid. My friend Jason (also a neighbor) was wait staff so we stopped and visited with him for a bit. We then walked back to my apartment. The conversation was stilted and odd. Later as we were hanging out in my apartment (the date kept insisting I was a feminist b/c I had various copies of Bust magazine and "a lot of books"-This annoyed me to no end at the time.) As I was leaning out the window smoking a cigarette Jason came up the walk from work. He asked if I was still with the date. I said yes and asked him to stop by. Jason, for some reason I still do not know, starts talking about S/M sex and spanking. The date made the unfortunate mistake of asking questions. Jason runs up to his apartment and brings back all these sex toys, whips, paddles etc. The date was all what do you do with this, etc--So Jason then starts spanking my date. I was near a heart attack. But rather than stop the fact that things had turned into some sort of fucked up David Lynch film I smoked more and made hot tea.

I never would have suspected 5 yrs ago but that was the very first date with the guy who then turned into my husband. Our hearts are not easy and this relationship has required more work than I ever expected. We're here now, though. I know, no matter what happens, I have learned the best lessons in life both with and from him.


(Ha. Notice my shirt matches the music! And it's from an actual show--not Hot Topic!)
(And no labret piercing jokes. I had mine before it was too cool for school!)

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