Friday, September 24, 2010

So that was that.

Friendships being over is a weird thing. Especially if the person who initiates the ending is too much of a coward to say what is up. Personally I do not just stop talking to people without a reason. So that is her business. If anything I have been reminded not to invest too much in people--So it was not a complete loss. There is a point where if someone is upset and they do not deal with it directly it pretty much goes to the WTF file on my end. Sorry I cannot read your mind. I do not know what you think I did or did not do. I feel if you truly value and care for someone--have some balls to talk about the ugly things.

It is not like I am dying of a broken heart from this. People are dicks and cowards. It just never fails to amaze me, though, at all the passive-aggressive bullshit people pull and then complain about how unhappy they are.

Right. I'm not necessarily happy right now--But I'm still honest with myself. Where do people keep getting these tickets to Avoidant Land???

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