Tuesday, September 21, 2010

I probably have rabies--

I am in that bad of a mood. So rather than talk about what induced the bad mood--Let's talk about shit that gets on my nerves.

1)People who toss around a psychiatric diagnosis without a care in the world. As in they are not truly diagnosed with such disorders but claim to be b/c it's trendy to roam about talking about your OCD/addiction/agoraphobia. People who do this make me sick. Not of the diagnosed form of "sick"--but rather completely disgusted.

2)People who milk the system dry. Like people who do not work and get disability for, oh, say, a back injury. But yet they have no trouble bellydancing. Uhm. No. Or say people who get food stamps. Then use food stamps to make baked good to SELL. Also in this category-- people who get food stamps but still rifle through various food pantries. Yeah. You're fucking greedy and make me want to punch you. Also-if you would invest the energy you use trying to get more by doing less you would probably make a good life for yourself.

3)Ass-kissers. I hate you. Every single one of you.

4)Congratulating people for weight loss. It's rude and implies something was wrong with how they were before. If anything, because it's really none of your business, ask what their workout routine is like, etc. I am SO tired of anything weight related being public domain.

5)People who assume they know me. You do not. You probably never will. But in the process of thinking you know so much about me--why are you assumptions so negative? Just b/c I do not allow people to generically know me does not mean I do not have feelings. That is pretty fucking low. My mom used to say people acted as such b/c they were intimidated. Honestly, I just think they are assholes.

I wish something would change. I would like to make amends for whatever I did to get this continuous black cloud over my life. I am so tired of getting SO close to things being what I want and something comes along to fuck it up the ass.

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