Friday, September 17, 2010

Good Day??

Today was SO peaceful. I was the only one in my office so could actually get things done--As in listen to The Smiths REALLY loud and organize my manager's life while she is out of the office. Why do I love organizing people so much? Weirdo.

I got mail! A letter from Cuppy and a book/journal I ordered ages ago. Now I am all hopped up to write Cuppy back and start the journal! I love writing letters!

Then! Android is out for a video game night--Which means I get to be home alone. I have 3 DVD's involving Frida Kahlo so that is my plan. As is re-pinking my hair.

Also-This is the porch I love. It's also where Audra and I convene our meetings of The Granny Panty Neighborhood Patrol.

This is me on said porch (Or porch OF DREAMS as Coralene would say!)

(Also-A rare moment of the Jennifer wearing white--Not a frequent event!)


  1. Hair twinz. Well, ish. Mine is still white-ish but I dyed the under part pink last night.

    Is that a cat pillow?? Because I think I have that fabric somewhere. And also it IS a deck of dreams.

  2. This is the longest my hair has been in ages! I am trying to have patience to let it grow. I want to see yours!

    The porch picture is not realistic. No wine glass.

    Yes! Cat pillows! My mom and I made them ages ago. They started out at chair cushions.