Monday, February 23, 2009

A few things:

+Jenna Jameson has her own perfume called Heartbreaker after the tattoo on her butt. I used to love you Jenna. You taught me some of what I know. But you had to go change from a trashy cream pie princess to another Paris Hilton hanger-on.

+Speaking of trashy. I think I need to get my nails did like this:

+I had a rather lengthy conversation with my in-laws about Deep Throat and Behind The Green Door the other night at dinner. My F-I-L knows way more about Deep Throat than I would hve ever guessed. I'm not exactly sure why. He says it's b/c he's a librarian. I like to think it's because he went to IU in the 70's. Beyond that I_do_not_want_to_know.

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